• Here Is The Amazingly Simple Protocol For Directed Manifestation…

    You need to practice in order to change any negative thinking patterns.

    Believe it or not, its simply a matter of practice that will allow you to change your internal programming.

    I think if you looked at your situation you will see that your current thinking patterns are the result of you “practicing” the repetition of negative thinking patterns.

    Here is what I suggest…

  • Brainwave Entrainment…Really. You can Choose a New Financial Reality

    Much of what is currently written about brainwave entrainment, especially on the internet, is simply … incorrect. It seems par for the course that when something of huge value is discovered as a potential ‘internet product’ that it is going to be marketed within an inch of it’s life. And often with less than stellar regard for actual science, research, or factual knowledge.

    This overview is intended to provide a quick summary and clear look at brainwave entrainment and the potential value it holds for us all.

    Entrainment is a term borrowed from physics which simply refers to the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. For example, one tuning fork when struck and placed next to another tuning fork will cause the second one to vibrate at the same frequency.

  • Re-Train Your Brain For A Better Life

    The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the world of brainwave entrainment (BWE) and its incredible benefits and effects. Much of what is currently written about brainwave entrainment (especially on the internet) is just plain wrong and after personally analyzing much of what is out there it became apparent to me that there was a need for people to know the truth and not the marketing hype. Its truly amazing how so many so called experts out there tell us things as if they new what they were talking about. This articles intension is to give people a clear look at BWE and its value to us all.