• Fast Start Listening Instructions For Quantum Mind Power And Quantum Confidence

    In order to get the most from our systems or even individual bonus recordings its best to stick with the protocol, at least for the first little while…

    * If you have QMP this still applies, simply replace the details of QMP recordings in the appropriate places.

    Quantum Confidence Fast Start Instructions and Hint Sheet…

    With respect to the 6 variations (Monaural 1,2,3 and Isochronic 1,2.3 of the main recording (Quantum Confidence and Self Esteem with TMM)…

  • Food For Thought

    Food, without it there is no life!

    It affects the chemicals in your brain; these chemicals are called neurotransmitters.

    Neurotransmitters control many of the bodies’ functions including mood, appetite, thoughts, feelings and indeed our behaviors.

    As you probably know (especially if you’ve spoken to me:) brainwave entrainment helps to create some very important neurotransmitters that we all need for proper everyday functioning. What you may not know however is that many of the foods we eat also directly influence the production or non-production of important neurotransmitters that we need, to be happy and healthy in our lives.