• Here Is The Amazingly Simple Protocol For Directed Manifestation…

    You need to practice in order to change any negative thinking patterns.

    Believe it or not, its simply a matter of practice that will allow you to change your internal programming.

    I think if you looked at your situation you will see that your current thinking patterns are the result of you “practicing” the repetition of negative thinking patterns.

    Here is what I suggest…

    1) Use Eden Energy Dynamics with STEREO headphones exclusively at least once a day (if you do not have this recording, please do not worry as the protocol on its own is still rather powerful:).


    2) Use this protocol multiple times every day…

    Here is a simple way to SUPERCHARGE the effects of TMM recordings for directed manifestation.

    I suggest that you use the protocol suggested in the manual with a twist or two.

    Use effective affirmations.

    Affirmations must be positive, phrased in the present, should not use any negative terms and be non-limiting. Its veryimportant that you are completely comfortable with them.

    To give you and idea of what I’m talking about, here are the affirmations that we use in our “Wealth and Prosperity” Subliminal Support recording.

    Money flows to me effortlessly.

    I instantly attract everything I desire.

    I am rich and I am generous.

    I am grateful for everything that I have in my life.

    I am comfortable with money, I spend it with integrity and I have fun with it.

    I am creating more and more of what I want effortlessly.

    I am attracting like minded people who help me fulfill my desires.

    I draw to myself the highest and best people.

    If you are having a problem with “I am” or “I have” in your affirmations then feel free to replace these with “I choose”.

    When you write your affirmations you need to remember that your subconscious does not judge or interpret so keep the affirmations simple, clear and comfortable for you, otherwise they will not be effective. If you are uncomfortable with them at all, keep editing until you get it right, it can make all the difference;)

    I would also suggest that every morning when you wake up you should write down each affirmation on a piece of paper 3 times each, then take the paper and put it somewhere where you are likely to see it at least a few times during the day (ie. your wallet, on your desk, the dash of your car, etc).

    When you see the paper make sure you read the affirmations aloud or in your head at least 3 times each (each time you look) Read in a steady and normal tone, don’t try to sound excited but definitely feel free to imagine the things you want to happen, happening the way you would like them to. No pressure, imagine it just like you were watching a movie (or sitcom, depending on your life situation:)

    When you go to bed at night turn the paper over and write your affirmations down again (3 times for each one) and repeat the process daily until you get what you want/need.

    This will help to install your new desires into your life in a more directed fashion and it will also do a great deal to change your internal and currently non-beneficial patterns.

    Adding the above to the published protocols for TMM recordings will certainly act as a supercharger for any directed effort you might desire to achieve with TMM recordings.

    If you really want to supercharge your chances at success then I suggest you write down your affirmations EVERY time you read them throughout the day as well in order to deeper ingrain them into your conscious and subconscious mind.

    I also strongly suggest that you take a sticky-note pad and write on it something like “I listen to what I say and say only positive things”, another message can be something like “When I say or think something negative I immediately use it as a signal to think of something that makes me smile”

    Do not be afraid to be creative and place these notes everywhere you are in your home or where ever you are and be sure to look at them multiple times every day as well.

    When we talk or think something negative it only serves to solidify our self destructive behavior. By following all that is written above we can change the flow and programming from one of negativity and negative attraction to one of positivity and positive attraction.

    Remember that this might take a while as you had your whole life to this point to be programmed the way you are, but if you stick with it I believe you cannot help but see what I mean.